New in the Indie Fixx Shop!

Here are some lovely new goodies in the Indie Fixx Shop that I’d like to share with you.


Art is the antidote for what ails you! A clever magnet set made from original Wolfie and the Sneak artwork will arrive in a prescription bottle with the label ‘Art is the Antidote‘. What a great gift for an art lover or your BFF who is under the weather!


Exclusive prints from Wolfie and the Sneak. Very limited series—ONLY 5 have been printed of each print! The print on the left is called Invisible Connectivity and you can read more about artist Renee Garner’s inspiration here. The other print is called Enriching Growth and is my personal favorite.


Are you a clever kitty? Then you need one of these Clever Kitty totes from Cathy Peng. Available with pink, red or blue glasses.


Good Kitty and Bad Kitty stationery sets from Cathy Peng. Get one of each to fit your mood. 😉


Sweet and charming Flower Rings from Intrinsic Garden, just perfect for spring.


Letterpress notecards from Messenger Bird Press. Choose from the Dress Form notecard on the left or the Woodland Creatures Set on the right.



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