Hedgehogs Goodies!

I love hedgehogs and apparently so does everyone else. I’m not sure when this trend of hedgehog goods first developed, but it is here now and I for one will never tire of it. 😉 How about you?


1. Card holder from Sea Breeze

2. Sterling Silver hedgehog charm from LuxeDeluxe

3. Jackalop and Friends print from Creative Thursday

4. Hedgehog plush from Little Odd Forest

5. Hedgehog Friend print from The Black Apple

6. Hedgehog Piano print from boygirlparty.com

7. Hedgehog zippered pouch from purlyshells

8. Hedgehog magnet from Dear Sukie

9. Hedgehog pouch from LouLouBell

10. Hedgehog puppet from Burtonwood

11. Pete the Hedgehog notecard from Snowy652

12. Hedgehogs are for Lovers notecard from Mew Paper Arts


  1. thanks for including my hedgehog print, jen! there’s a trend of hedgehogs as pets that may be inspiring the handmade stuff — my friend leigh has a charming little guy and he inspired my painting!

  2. I love hedgehogs! How fun to see others feel the same. Btw, thanks for including my hedgehog pouch with such a great grouping of “hedge hog goodies”!

  3. I looooove these guys! They’re adorable. I always thought hedgies had a “rodent” look to them but was strangle fond of them despite my fear of mice and rats, squirrels, etc. I was very happy to learn they are not rodents at all. Love this inspiration board!

  4. Glad you guys like my hedgehogs post. I love ’em and I almost had a hedgehog added to my new header.

  5. How cute! I had a hedgehog as a pet, and have always thought they were some of the cutest things ever! Glad to see there are other people out there who feel the same, what a fun trend. 🙂

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