New in the Indie Fixx Shop: Betsy Ross Patterns


Hallelujah, finally some patterns for those of us without advanced degrees in Greek, Calculus, & Rocket Science! Easy to understand & just so simple & direct, the patterns from Betsy Ross Patterns are just the thing you’ve been looking for to stick your big toe in the proverbial sewing pond. I am no great one for following directions and I certainly can be described as ‘sewing challenged’ and I totally love these patterns. Perfect for first-time sewers and fairly new sewers and still fun and customizable enough for more advanced stitchers.

That’s the good news….the even better news is that I am now carrying select Betsy Ross Patterns in the Indie Fixx Shop. There are three different bag styles (tote, shoulder, and clutch) and two skirt (a-line and circle) patterns available. All the available patterns are ‘1 out of 3’ stars on the difficulty level scale. Easy-peesey!