Which plush should I get?


I need a little help. Okay, I needs lots and lots of help, but just a little bit of help with this particular thing. Remember, I mentioned I bought a Toddler Tote from One Little Monkey last week? Well, I want to fill it with some goodies for my niece’s 2nd birthday in March. I thought a cute little plush would be sweet. She’s been into taking care of a “baby” ever since her little sister was born this summer and she just loves anything adorable. She’ll even go, “Aww, so cute,” and I gotta tell you, that is just the cutest thing in the world.

So, help me narrow down which plush I should get from my choices above or suggest a new one.

1. Sweet Chocolate Bunny from Puncezilla
2. Banana from Plushoff
3. Lulu the French Doodle Girl from A Bit of Whimsy Dolls
4. Miss Fleu- blue Baboushka Doll from blossom-designs
5. Quinn from Msmibbs
6. Plush Matryoshka Doll from Modiste Me
7. Anton from Morninglori (okay, this one would be more for me)
8. Stuffed Bunny from dmollison
9. Elephant from Maiden Love


  1. I would be keeping Anton for myself, too. I tend to buy odd, cute little plush and toys using the excuse that it is for my son. Cotton Monster?

  2. Chris, I agree Anton is freakishly cute and I am really close to buying him and starting my own plush collection. 😉

  3. Renee, I the “i love your guts” monster too, but I just don’t know if my niece would get into it or not. I’ve always wanted to buy one for myself though.

  4. oooh! such a hard choice. looks like my favorite is ahead by a bit, though I had a really hard time between Lulu and bunny #8! your niece will be so happy.

  5. the “I love your guts” monster from HeyDay Fashion is my go-to gift. They’re friggin’ adorable and you get to run around saying “I love your guts”, which is an unending source of fun for me.

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