For your little monkey!


You know I don’t often feature kid stuff here at Indie Fixx…I just don’t have any little kids and so many other blogs do kid stuff better than me (Junior Soceity, Cool Mom Picks, Indie Babies just to name a few). That said, I do have nieces and nephews to buy for, so I periodically go looking for goodies for them. One of my faves are the Toddler Totes from One Little Monkey.

Designed for kids to carry themselves, they can hold snacks, activities, toys, extra clothing, or whatever a little kid might need throughout the day. Kid-sized and parent approved, fill one with some coloring and activity books for a great present for the toddler guy or girl in your life. I know that’s what I’m planning on doing with the one I just bought. Plus, everything is on sale One Little Monkey—20-50% off!

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