Reader Fixx Pixx from Victoria

Today’s Reader Fixx Pixx were submitted by It’s Victoria from and Victoria put together a great list of her favorite indie shops for us. Victoria has some kick ass taste…she included a few of my favorites on her list. 😉

2301_orange_bulokku_1_m.jpg 1. Kirin & Co – Her sustainable fabrics are perfect for every crafty project that I envision doing … you know … once I have the time and such.

gen_651.gif 2. Recycled Rings – Eco-blogs have been mentioning Michelle’s crafty creations for years now and after interviewing her in July of 2007, I was hooked as well. I don’t yet own one of her pieces, but I am this close.

eleletrprsii.jpg 3. Ink+Wit – Nestled in northern New York, this yoga-loving modern-art-creating woman is not only a fantastic creator whom I fawn over, but she has also become a good friend.

il_430xn17963781.jpg 4. Betsy Walton – Betsy is the first of many Portland artists and indie businesses that I have come to know and love. Her art is like looking into a dream that none of us fully understand but long to be a part of. My goal is to get a piece for my mum as a gift (and many for myself). I know she would adore it.

owlpendant-big.jpg 5. boygirlparty – Susie’s nifty creations, from paintings and pouches to recipe cards and stationary, are an infamous part of the indie culture. Now that she has started using soy inks and recycled paper, I’m all the more addicted to her works.

i_reformschoolprint.jpg 6. Amy Ruppel – My favorite bird lady. She is the epitome of a sustainable indie artist and I’m always on my toes, waiting for her next fantastic creation.

il_430xn18096783.jpg 7. Yellena – Despite my wide appreciation for indie art of all kinds, if someone asked me what my favorite style was, I would immediately answer with “surrealism.” Yellena seamlessly blends modern outdoor concepts with surrealist beauty … I can’t even put it into words, you just have to see her stuff!

1006_lg.jpg 8. Old School Stationers – I have a serious soft spot for letterpress. The first letterpress company I found, and which helped to cement my love for this “ancient” art, was these folks in Portland (where I just happen to be moving to in June, go figure).

pendants-macro2.jpg 9. Happy Owl Glassworks – Drooling over Happy Owl’s goods for over three years, I finally bought my first pin from them a few months ago. They have a true talent for what they do and I will be a loyal customer for many more years to come.

il_430xn17641345.jpg 10. Craftyyarn – I’m a sucker of eco-yarns and you can’t get more sustainable than ones made from vintage sweaters. A lot of the colors in here are ones that you rarely find in mass-made yarn brands as well, making them all the more enjoyable to work with.

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  1. I have long been a fan of Old School Stationers, Amy Ruppel, and Yellena, but I had not heard of Betsy Walton, so thanks for introducing me!

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