Reader Fixx Pixx from Kelly.

This week’s Reader Fixx Pixx were submitted by Kelly of Happy Shack Designs. Here’s a link to her blog as well. Thanks, Kelly. You really found came up with some interesting finds. I do think the Twins painting is just adorable.

il_430xn16524493.jpg Mango Tango’s Forget Me Not Necklace: First her pictures caught my eye and then when I really took a second look, her PMC pieces are to die for.

il_430xn12372612.jpg MeriMask’s Sun and Moon Mask: Having twin four-year-olds, we don’t get out to parties much, much less one at which I could wear this, but I just thought it absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

il_430xn6247923.jpg LauriAnn Wakefield’s Original Painting TWINS: Like I said, I have twins… this.

il_430xn15140539.jpg Urban Closeouts Wirewrapped bracelet: Yummy! This is a technique I’ve been trying to learn so this is very inspiring.

il_430xn16476808.jpg Sandra Spencer’s “You Want Me to Go Where?”: This IS my dog! Well not really, but it looks exactly like her, expression and all. I already have one of Sandra’s paintings, but I’d love to have more.

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