Reader Fixx Pixx from Tiffany

Today’s Reader Fixx Pixx are brought to you by Tiffany. Thanks, for some great pixx, Tiff!

I’m looking for your indie pixx to feature on Reader Fixx Thursday! To participate, send me a list of your top 5-10 indie links. Your list can be a shopping list wish list, your top shops you’ve purchased from, a list of your favorite magazines or blogs, your favorite indie crafting tutorials, your favorite flickr groups or anything really as long as it’s in the spirit of indie. You can even come up with a theme for your list–like fashion, kitties, cute, guy stuff, or whatever you dream up.

We want to hear from you and so do the other readers! What are your indie favorites? Send us your list and make sure to include a link to your shop and/or blogs, so we can include a link when we post your list.

Here’s Tifany’s indie pixx!

il_430xn16078375.jpg I adore the ceramic Folk bowls made by Aron Lowe, especially these cute little owls.

il_430xn15977273.jpg Mark Poulin jewelry pieces are “grown-up cute” as well as unique.

il_430xn1660538.jpg Deb Babcock’s ceramics, especially her teapots, are sure to be a conversation piece.

il_430xn16600221.jpg Kacey Dilla makes fabulous guitar straps out of vintage ties.

catskirt_b1.jpg I think this skirt by Kaching Design is the best skirt I have ever seen in my entire life anywhere ever.

gardenvariety.jpg Pop Ink, found at Naka’s online boutique, creates fun and original gift wrap, which means I will no longer have any excuse for using last Sunday’s comics.

ee_01.jpg I adore these swinging little birdie earrings at Figs and Ginger. Really all of their jewelry rocks.

il_430xn12555901.jpg I have long been a fan off the double-dutch rings by glass artist Amy Johnson and goldsmith Cynthia Archer.

il_430xn16732083.jpg Word on the street is that this Minimalist Desk Calendar, by Sure As Blue, is going to come and live at my desk so my days at work will be a little less daunting.

il_430xn9700810.jpg Valerie of Stained Glass Visions has an “oh so pretty” tribute to Georgia O’Keefe. She is my talented mother, and I have unsuccessfully been trying to snatch this panel from her for some time.