Blooming Hotcakes!


I was out last night picking up a few gifts to fill in the one or two holes on my Christmas list and I, of course, went to my favorite local indie store, Bloom. I did buy something for someone, but that someone reads this blog, so I won’t be sharing what it was.

However, I can tell you that I did totally fall in love with the new pieces from the Hotcakes jewelry line. I almost walked out of there with a Christmas present for myself, but I exercised a little restraint and I figured I’ll be getting some Christmas cash that I will just have to spend at Bloom. What I was eying at Bloom are the Hotcakes carved resin necklaces. They are chunky, funky, inspired by vintage Bakelite and belong in my jewelry collection.

Looks like their site is not e-commerce, but you can check to see if their designs are in a boutique near you. It looks like you can also email for pricing and shipping info if you are unlucky enough to live someplace without cool shops.