Reader Fixx Pixx from Johanna

This week’s Reader Fixx pixx are from Johanna. You can check out her blog, Crafty Mommy, here.

Johanna went to the Felt Club XL holiday show in LA last month (I’m so jealous) and put together an amazing list of her favorite pixx from the show. She thinks they may all be California crafters, which makes sense. Let me know for sure though.

I’m totally loving these theme lists we’ve been having lately for Reader Fixx! Anyway, here’s Johanna’s top ten indie pixx. If you would like submit your pixx, read how here.

In no particular order:

jjewelry.jpg 1) – amazing jewelry! Silver and enameled pendants by one of the crafting partners. Miniature dioramas encased in silver as a pendant by the other.

scarfs.gif 2) – Narumi Ogauna is the author of the Mr. Funky crochet book and creator of the cutest amigurumi owls, bears, cats, monkeys and more!

thumb_matildanew.jpg 3) Planet Tokki – Stuffed creatures each with a story about them. My son loved his slug monkey!

il_430xn5642005.jpg 4) beebalalou – fun, plastic kitsch! I had so much fun with the girls in this booth. I came home with some fun necklaces, pins, and hairclips.

il_430xn6642595.jpg 5) Hotdog N’ Bun – creators of the cute brown bears, seemingly no 2 faces alike. Nice hand tooled leather goods, too.

bicycle.jpg 6) – unique art prints and apparel. I almost came home with a realistic looking print of a Fender amplifier. Bought the t-shirt instead. Other prints looked like stacks of retro cassettes and 8-tracks.

ipoddeerhotpink1.jpg 7) Charcoal Designs – more fun, sweet plastic kitsch. They were even selling pins with 100% proceeds going to charity – couldn’t pass those up.

original_7.jpg 8) – I loved the collages that she created, especially the dog themed ones.

icecreamcard.jpg 9) – cards that turn into holiday ornaments were adorable. Cards with yummy ice cream treat graphics looked good enough to eat.

vingirl_med.jpg 10) – more beautiful paper goods – cards, calendars, tags and more.

If there was an 11 and 12 and 13 I would mention 3 that are often mentioned but always cute – , and (stuffed smores and donuts came home in my luggage!)