Secret Santa shocker!


I participate in a couple of secret santa gift exchanges this time of year. One in particular, for an online community of women indie business owners I’ve been participating in since 2004. Well, I just received my gift from my secret santa, who is not so secret anymore, and I was totally blown away. Carol from Kimono Momo sent me one of her awesomely gorgeous kimono silk scarves and a coordinating obi clutch. They are now the most beautiful accessories I own and I am dreaming up occasions for which to wear them—although, I will most likely end up wearing them in my home office while I’m in my jammies.

Seriously, if you are looking for a truly stunning gift this season or you want to treat yourself to a little Memoir of a Geisha/Madame Butterfly fantasy, visit Kimono Momo. Just let me know if you want me to drop an email ‘hint’ to your significant other, because some things are just way too important to leave to chance.

Carol also sells lovely Japanese fabrics.


  1. You are the sweetie! 😉 Your gift really made my day and I called everyone in my family to tell them about it!

    I will have to get them photographed, so everyone can drool over them. 😉

  2. Aw! You are such a sweetie. I’m glad you like the gift. I had fun picking it out for you amid all the different colors and fabrics in my studio right now… those two pieces just matched up and said “send us!” so I did.

    Back to the sewing machine for now… lots of new stuff will be added to the site this week, and some surprises! 😀

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