Shaken, not stirred!


Do you ever order drinks just for the cute swizzle stick that usually comes with it? Okay, me neither, but they are always a nice bonus to my margarita or cosmo. Especially, the more outlandish, kitschy or retro ones that you find.

If you like your swizzle sticks, you will definitely like the new line of jewelry called Swizzlet by Nina Dinoff. Swizzlets are made from making molds of vintage plastic swizzle sticks and cocktail picks and casting them in metal. Then they are formed and altered into bracelets and pins. You know your girls would like one of those bracelets pictured above. 😉


  1. Yea, a very clever idea. I am still toying with the idea of buying one. They are very retro 1950s Tropicana!

  2. I love these! It reminds me of being little and going to my aunt and uncle’s house. My late uncle used to collect them and I used to love looking at them as a kid. They have a huge collection that I bet Nina would love to get her hands on!

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