Reader Fixx Thursday from Robin

Again with a late post from me—that makes my 2nd this week. I swear it’s not going to be the ‘standing operating procedure’ around here or anything, but I am just having one of those weeks when I just can’t seem to get anything done. My excuse for today was that I had to drive to my sister’s, which is about an hour away, to watch my two nieces. Then, on my way home I went grocery shopping and then I took a nap, b/c I finally crashed from staying up until 4am last night. I’m a wreck & a mess & and a very discombobulated woman, but I am here and I am writing this post.

Back to the actual point of this post….this week’s Reader Fixx was submitted by Robyn of Georgie Designs. Robyn went with a brown theme and picked some very nice things. She also makes some really nice jewelry.

If you would like submit your pixx, read how here.

il_430xn10972041.jpgDesigns by Amber

il_75×7512441503.jpgCarol Lee Designs


il_430xn9444227.jpgMade by Them

nec612.jpgStunning Details

il_430xn12437556.jpgJimmy Pickles


il_430xn10286783.jpgSugar Chic Baby

il_430xn11524637.jpgVital Industries