Mean indie girls


Those without a sense of humor or those who are easily offended, please don’t continue reading this post…you will only be sorry.


I’ve featured the talented Julianna Holowka on Indie Fixx before, here & here, and I do love her and her wonderful sense of design and irony. I really love the biting wit of her Mean Cards and I wish she was one of my friends and then we could go shopping together and make fun of people like on Mean Girls. Julianna’s Mean Cards are just about the funniest thing around and they totally make me laugh out loud and have almost made wine come out my nose. Julianna recently added a lot of new designs to her Mean Cards line and if you are a wannabe Mean Girl like me, you gotta check them out. Unfortunately, I know quite a few people that I would like to give a Mean card to…how about you?



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