Reader Fixx Thursday from Krissy

This week’s Reader Fixx was submitted by by Krissy of PonyBoy Press ( & I love Krissy pixx, some of which I’ve already known about and a few that are totally new to me. Great job, Krissy!

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il_430xn12116591.jpg Craftpaca – I can’t get enough of these little animal stuffies!

il_430xn12170985.jpg Chet and Dot – the most adorable and sweet stuff – and she has endless ideas!

il_430xn12104232.jpg Marmee Craft – I love the studio portraits of the animals!

il_430xn12157740.jpg Thistle Town – nice little creatures – are you sensing a trend, here?

nillapainting1.jpg Nicole J Georges – Nicole does illustrations and art for and about animals.

spiralbound.png Spiral Bound – an awesome and totally fun graphic novel by Aaron Reiner. You will wish you could crawl into it go on the adventures with all the animals.

clutch16cover.jpg Tugboat Press – okay, enough animals! Tugboat is a wonderful small press that makes beautiful books and puts out lots of comics. Clutch is the best!

il_430xn9944078.jpg Rouge – I like her balms. Wonderful stuff.

il_430xn11977457.jpg Papered Together – Always such beautiful cards.

il_430xn10203630.jpg Fondue – Vintage wallpaper!

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