Reader Fixx Thursday from Alison

Today’s Reader Fixx ten top indie pixx were sent in by Alison Brownrigg of Petaline, a very lovely indie shop. You can also check out Alison’s blog and esty shop.

I really enjoyed Alison’s pixx and I must say that based on her pixx and the products she picks for her shop, Alison has great taste. Girl, anytime you want to go shopping, give me a call.

If you want to submit your picks, read how here.

ashley-welcome-big.jpgWelcome Print by Ashley Goldberg

yuki.jpgYuki Shoes by Hetty Rose

flowerfamily.jpgFlower Collection Pillow from Sharon Spain

printgoodnight.jpgGoodnight Dear One print by Alena Hennessy

whitebottlesacc.jpgWhite Matte Bottle Collection from Sara Paloma

quilt_001.jpgPatchwork Quilt by Bookhou Designs

il_430xn9233709.jpgShe dwelt among the untrodden ways charm necklace by
T8 Designs

06drawing_a_bath.jpgDrawing a bath brooch by Melanie Bilenker

remnants.jpgRed Winged Blackbirds painting by Fernworks Fine Art

aldc_pubird_m.jpgAtelier Lzc Bird Dishcloth by Rose and Radish


  1. You have the best finds and the reader pixx is another great addition.
    AND THOSE SHOES! I showed the page to my friends – we all want the shoes!

  2. Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh – The “Drawing a Bath” brooch by Melanie Bilenker is made with hair! How wonderfully amazing. I think I’ll play the lottery this weekend and then if I win I’ll buy that brooch and be happy for many an hour just looking at it and turning it over in my fingers and smiling quietly to myself.

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