The Last Good Day of the Year

Around here, school still starts the day after Labor Day, even though in many parts of the country school has already been in session for weeks. To mark the end of summer and the start of the school year, I’ve put together some of my ‘Back to School Picks’. There are some goodies for both big and little kids and just the young at heart.

I am sorry to see the summer end…summer is my favorite season. Each year on Labor Day, I mark the end of summer by playing The Last Good Day of the Year by Cousteau. Its bittersweet melancholy reminds me of the sadness I felt each year as a kid at the end of summer. I’m playing it now as I type this post.

Anyway, enjoy these picks. This is the stuff I would make sure to take with me if I were heading back to school.

Diskette Notebook by Acorn Studios

These are just so much fun and at $6.50, you can afford to get one in each color.

Apple Necklace by dottyspeck at CUT+PASTE

Take this necklace in for teacher and you will definitely get a gold star.

Perfect Pocket by Gerbera Designs

Good for your iPod or for your lip gloss, change, bubble gum and erasers.

Fruit Stripe Datebook Cozy by blissen

No more trapper keeper for you.

Brown Apple Book Bag by goodmorning, morning

This is just the most adorable book bag ever!

Reusable Lunch Bag by goshdarnknit

You will be able to sit with the cool kids in the lunch room with this cool and eco-friendly lunch bag.

Birds with Bark Hoodie by Little by Jenny

Everyone needs a hoodie or two when heading back to school.

Love Owl Pin at Little Odd Forest

Advertise your braininess with this super cute owl pin.

Black Apple Paper Dolls at Mahar Dry Goods

Paper dolls to play with when teacher turns her back.

Library Card Journals by lollipop designs at MY MY

Keep track of your library books in these cute little notebooks.

Dinosaur tee by Squidfire

For your little caveperson.

Octopus and Waves Hoodie by Supermaggie

Another cool hoodie for back to school.

2 thoughts on “The Last Good Day of the Year

  • September 3, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    I will most definitely check him out. Thanks for the tip. 😉

  • September 3, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    Oh my God!!! I love love love Cousteau!
    Since you love them too you must listen to the album “Telepathy” by Davey Ray Moor (responsible for most of Cousteau’s lyrics).
    And yes, I agree with you, “The last good day of the year” is definitly THE end of the summer song…

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