Reader Fixx Thursday from Claire

This week’s Reader Fixx ten top indie pixx were sent in by Claire of Absolutely Small. Claire offers a little bit of everything in her Esty shop including paintings, cards, plushies and buttons among other stuff.

If you want to submit your picks, read how here.

Her top ten pixx are all from members of Etsy’s Plush Team.

il_430xn10458794.jpg Cornflake Girl designs some adorable clothes for Blythe dolls.

il_430xn7475063.jpg Magpie DC hand addresses envelopes in beautiful script!

il_430xn9374122.jpg The Sweetest Pea has this amazing gadget cozy. I’d love to have this chick keep my electronics warm.

il_430xn10217491.jpg Lissa makes some amazing quilts- like this one.

il_430xn7276502.jpg Hobocamp Crafts designs awesome bags:

il_430xn866424.jpg Christina Ward does amazingly subversive things with quilts.

il_430xn1814130.jpg Kivett Studio does a little bit of everything- including making some nifty paintings.

il_430xn10329019.jpg Vagrant Aesthetic takes time out from creating zombies to occasionally make gorgeous hair clips like these.

il_430xn8569604.jpg Sparkle-rama hand embroiders all kinds of fun things onto bags.

il_430xn8980738.jpg Lauren Smash in addition to making the super cute plushies we all know and love, makes some amazing little drawings as well.