Reader Fixx Thursday from Taryn

This week’s Reader Fixx was sent in by Taryn Hipp of MY MY, one of the most adorable indie shops around. Taryn stocks her shop with really just the cutest stuff…I am a habitual customer and that’s one habit of mine that’s not too bad.

Taryn is the Queen of Cute and I totally respect her indie eye, so when she wrote that she wanted to submit her picks, I was thrilled. Taryn also suggested that the Reader Fixx submissions be called Reader Pixx instead of Reader Picks. Such a cute idea, and now why didn’t I think of it.

Oh a sadder note, shortly after Taryn submitted her Pixx, her sister Jennifer became ill and was admitted to the hospital. They still don’t know what is wrong with her and to make things even more complicated, Jennifer is a single mom who is under-insured and has run out of sick time at work. If you want to read more about her status and send good wishes to her and/or Taryn, then visit Taryn’s blog.

Taryn has set up a Paypal donation button on her blog. If you would like to help out, every little bit will help with Jennifer’s mounting bills. A raffle is being set up by Trisha and if you would like to donate something, read about how here. I am planning on donating something to the raffle and I already send in my donation via Paypal. I send me best wishes to the Hipp family.

Here’s Taryn’s top ten Reader Pixx.

If you want to submit your picks, read how here.

stuffeddogs_thumb.jpgA Stuff Mighty Dog by All Mighty Clothing
il_430xn8199798.jpgWhat a Hoot Owl Print by Egg-a-GoGo
garden.pngGarden Journal by Seam Ripper
il_430xn9971917.jpgBroken Girl Parts Shirt by In Hope
f_09a.jpgFelt Lavender Sachets by Minor Thread
cominuproses.jpgComin’ Up Roses Handspun Yarn by Kitten Logic

il_430xn10393833.jpgUnderwater Circus by Jamie Zollars (proceeds go to Handmade Nation, the Indie Craft Documentary)
il_430xn9448113.jpgSerene Necklace by Bombalurina

il_430xn10427949.jpgOwl Be Your Friend Sticker by Matt Cipov
raspberrylipbalm.jpgRaspberry Shea Butter Lip Balm by Feto Soap

2 thoughts on “Reader Fixx Thursday from Taryn

  • August 24, 2007 at 12:26 am

    Great pixx, especially the Owl be your friend stickers. I really hope Jennifer is feeling much better very, very soon!

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