Reader Fixx Thursday from Jennifer

Jennifer Maiser of Life Begins @ Thirty sent in this week’s Reader Fixx. On Life Begins @ Thirty, Jennifer focuses on the importance of locally and sustainably grown food…a girl after my own heart. I think to be a true indie shopper, you not only need to support the fabulous crafters and designers you see on Indie Fixx, but support small local independent farms, farmers’ markets and food cooperatives. If you want to read about why supporting local food is important, read 10 Reasons to Eat Local Food on Jennifer’s blog.

Jennifer is participating in a challenge via One Local Summer, in which readers are challenged to prepare one entirely locally grown meal each week of the summer. I made my meal tonight from the bounty we received this week from our local organic CSA food subscription…we had fresh local onions, green peppers, banana peppers and garlic sauteed over angel hair pasta with fresh yellow and red cherry and grape tomatoes sprinkled on top. I challenge each of you to make one meal this week from as much local produce as you can.

Anyway, before I get any more off topic, here are Jennifer’s top ten indie picks.

If you want to submit your picks, read how here.

il_430xn9543194.jpgRachel Sudlow jewelry – I love and own the pea pod necklace. Perfect for my farmers’ market trips!

abbey-l.jpgJeanine Payer – Simply fabulous. I have a bracelet from her with a quote that I find so empowering: “If you asked what I came into this world to do, I will tell you I came to live out loud.

prod-largencss.jpgPassionfly – I just bought some of these lovely cards for my mom’s birthday — beautiful!

yhst-45801269112363_1961_9514928.jpgAnnmarie Jewelry – I have a really lovely key ring from her that I wear every day.

il_430xn10298692.jpgAngela Liu designs – I’ve bought a ton of stuff from her as gifts.

blis126_1.jpgJill Bliss – She’s an oldie but goodie — almost everyone knows about her, and if they don’t they should.

seaglass_2004.jpgSuperhero Designs – I put mine on whenever I need a little bit of extra confidence.

And two companies that I constantly use for my own homemade design work:

Paper Source – I always find nifty things in this store, they sell indie cards, and they have some great papers.

Mpix – This is my hands down favorite photo printing shop. They do a great job at color correction … it’s the only place I feel comfortable sending unedited photos. And they offer a lot of different printing options.