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Susie Ghahremani is one verytalented artist and one of my favorite artists. In fact, I’ve featured her here on Indie Fixx several times and have purchased her products as well, so I thought she was an obvious choice as my first interview in the Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx series.

Susie Ghahremani is the artist and designer behind, where you can find some of the cutest indie wares around, which Susie creates from her original illustrations and designs. At you will find cute goodies such as this Owl Pendant, the Foxy Tote, this cute Postcard set, the Nesting Giclee Print and the Octopus To-do List among other stuff you will not be able to resist.

Susie is also an illustrator and has done work for The New York Times, Ten Speed Books, Bust Magazine, Utne Magazine and Martha Stewart Kids Magazine just to name a few. Take a look at her illustration portfolio here.

You can see some of her artwork in person if you are lucky enough to live in or near NYC, since Susie is having a solo art show at Giant Robot New York (437 E. Ninth Steet) August 18th – September 12th. There will be an opening reception on August 18th at Giant Robot from 6:30-10.

Well, without further adieu, here is Susie in her own words. I hope you enjoy this first interview in the Indie Artist Fixx series. Leave some comments and let me know what you think of the feature.


1. What’s the name of your business and what do create and sell?

My website/biz name is, but mostly only because my last name is too difficult for most to spell. I’m a painter and use my art to create all kinds of products adorned with my original illustrations from t-shirts and cards to buttons and necklaces.

2. How and why did you get your start?

I began selling stuff with my illustrations on it when I played music in a touring band. My work naturally evolved from merch for my band’s shows to independent illustrations and paintings and crafts and comics and basically anything I felt like making.

3. Is there anything you can share with other indie business owners who are just taking the plunge with their own business?

Be secure and motivated in your work all the time! It’s difficult to be self-employed and you have to love what you do even through the tough times. Have your own unique vision!

4. What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst?

The best thing is getting to do what I love to do (paint and make things) all the time + getting to meet all the amazing people I’ve met through my artwork. The worst thing is not having specific work hours. I end up working too much, too often, and have done irreversible damage to my wrist from painting so much! Not to mention my social life…

5. Tell us one funny/goofy/silly thing about yourself.

I’d like to live on a farm with all kinds of small animals like miniature ponies and alpacas and ducks.

6. Do you have any future plans that you would like to share?

I have a solo art show opening in NYC on Aug 18th at Giant Robot, and another in November in San Francisco! In September, I’ll be vending at Renegade Chicago with my good friend and helper Tess of Made by Tess and again in November in L.A. at Felt Club. Also, I’m going to a BBQ tonight, but I don’t think that’s the kind of plan you’re asking about.

7. What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at? List as many as you want.

I love my fellow indie vendors and try to shop indie frequently. and have clothed me well., and have made some of my favorite accessories. keeps me smelling sweet. and i’m in constant awe of my talented friends whom i love to shop with, too many to list. Magpie and Giant Robot are two of the coolest stores I’ve ever been to, and amazingly, they’re run by some of my favorite people too.

I love Craft + Make Magazines, Adorn, Bust, Audubon, Bidoun.

I like Flickr a lot too.

8. Were you an artsy craftsy kid? If so, what kinds of things did you do?

Always artsy craftsy. I’ve always been obsessed with making things and especially painting. I used to make my own stationery, and jewelry/friendship bracelets, I used to hand paint my own t-shirts and doodle incessantly in sketchbooks. My mom is very artsy craftsy so creativity was ingrained in my upbringing.

9. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Pistachio or Dulce de Leche

10. What does indie mean to you? You can give a literal definition, choose to be a little esoteric or a combination of both. 😉

Indie to me is anything (a film, movie, craft, you name it) that came to one person when they were sitting around their kitchen and night and thought “hey, I should make that”; it has the heart and energy of a really good idea and is the prize of one very motivated visionary.

11. What are your inspirations?

My finches keep my eyes fresh. I love to observe leaves and trees and wildlife of all kinds. I like fragility and fleeting moments and nostalgia and paint colors that seemed to have mixed themselves.




    I’m wearing my owl pendant necklace right now. 😉 My hubby says that the owl is my totem animal b/c I am a smart chick and I am a night owl.

    Anyway, I am getting sidetracked again. Susie rocks and rolls, so you all should so totally go see her work in person at Giant Robot in New York. The opening is this Sat., August 18th.

  2. Thanks, everyone! I’m glad you liked the interview. Upcoming Indie Artist Fixx interviews include Ink & Wit and Supermaggie.

  3. wow, what a great idea to interview other “indies” and what a great person to start with. as someone who is a) starting her own bag company and b) living far from NYC(scottsdale), it is really cool to learn first-hand about susie’s experiences up to now. thanks for doing this!!

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