Summer Sampler Goodness


I got my Sampler in the mail today and I just had to share some of my favorite goodies. Some postcards from Paper Relics, earrings from Manic Trout, Bicycle Pouch from Wonderland Q, a necklace from Wabisabi Brooklyn, some cute stationery from Lucid Dream Designs, mini CROQ and of course Bust Magazine.

I just love The Sampler and I’ve been a fan since it started in 2004. IIn fact, I think I sent samples in for the either the 2nd or 3rd Sampler ever….I know it wasn’t the very first one. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about sending in some samples again for Indie Fixx. Now if I can just set aside some time to work on my samples.

If you’re a crafty peep with a crafty biz, you should send in samples to The Sampler. It’s a good way to get your name out there. If you are not a crafty peep, but like crafty stuff, keep watch for when the next round of Sampler subscriptions go on sale…it’s always a lot of fun to see what’s in The Sampler each month.



  1. You both are very welcome! Getting my sampler each month is almost as good as xmas morning.

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