I want to hear from YOU! It’s Reader Fixx Day!


Drum roll, please. In honor of my upcoming 1st year anniversary (more to come about this this), I’m instituting some new features on Indie Fixx.

The first one involves you and is called Reader Fixx Day. On Thursdays, I will devote a post to one reader’s top ten indie picks. These picks can include indie shops, indie products, indie blogs, indie zines and really whatever you want to put in your top ten as long as it’s indie. In return, you will get a link to your site in the post with your top ten list and bragging rights. 😉

Only one reader will be chosen at a time. To participate, all you have to do is send me an email with your top ten picks and their corresponding links. You can put your list in order, or not, if you have no particular preference. You can also feel free to comment on your list or just send me a list of links, whichever you prefer. Also, make sure to includeyour web address to your blog and/or indie shop if you have one.

If I like your picks, I will let you know and let you know when you will be up on the blog. You will get a banner you can use to show off. If I don’t pick your list, don’t get discouraged but try again. I also may end up using some of your picks as features on the blog in between Reader Fixx Day, with credit of course.

I am now accepting lists for next Thursday, so dazzle me people!