Soy Smackin’ Good


Yum! Don’t these sound delicious…Melow Melon Lip Balm, Sweet Honey Bee Lip Balm and Wild Berry Burst Lip Balm? Make Al Gore smile and throw out those petroleum lip balms and pamper your lips with soybean lip balm from Crooked Mile Candle instead. Crooked Mile Candle also makes and sells soy candles and other soy bath and body products and soy is just better for the environment.

Last year at Christmas, I bought about 30 or 40 soy votives from Crooked Mile to give out as little gifties. You know, those little gifts you give co-workers, teachers, and acquaintances and I also kept some for myself. I really like soy candles because they burn cleaner and I love the scents from Crooked Mile Candle. I was completely pleased with my shopping experience with Crooked Mile as well—fast shipping, excellent communication and really terrific products and packaging. I think I’m going to do the same thing this year with the lip balms, because who wouldn’t appreciate a scrumptious lip balm tied up with some ribbon. I know I can appreciate that they are only $3! ;

Plus, use the code FIXX20 for 20% off with no minimum purchase! I know I will be using it to stock up on some soy candles, lotion and lip balm.

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  1. i’ve been addicted to this blog for a while now and just want to thank you for turning me on to jenulence. i used your coupon for some samples and absolutely love it! i had been looking for new makeup that didn’t test on animals or use animal byproducts and this is perfect.

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