One great big pile of fun and craft!

I was really blown away yesterday by the Pile of Craft show in Baltimore—Baltimore really is a frickin’ cool place. The guys and gals of the Charm City Craft Mafia really did an excellent job organizing and promoting the show…you all deserve a round of applause for doing such a good job. I was totally overwhelmed and happily surprised by the overall quality and talent of the participating vendors. If you were lucky enough to attend, excellent for you! If you were not lucky enough to attend yesterday, don’t worry several little birdies told me that there is a holiday craft show in the works. I sure hope so and I will be there one way or another…with bells on!

I did make a few purchases…you know me. I finally bought a pair of those Ceramic Gingko Earrings by Pottery by Tasha Mckelvey that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. I also bought a series of four prints from bee’s knees studios, which are just totally the bee’s knees. I love my new Rainbow Silk Button Bracelet from Tiger Lily Shop. I had my eye on a tote bag from Flicka Bags that sold out before I could buy it and I almost bought the Silver Bromeliad Earrings from Beth Pohlman, but I restrained myself at the last minute. Now, I am sorry that I didn’t buy them, because I’ve been thinking about them all day and how I’d love to wear them out to dinner tonight. I also exhibited some restraint when I visited the Imogene booth and that was only because if I had purchased everything that I liked, I would have cleaned them out. Imogene is just one of those online indie shops that I routinely check out, because I always find stuff that I love. I do really like these Wooden Apple Earrings by Melissa Noonan at Imogene.

Overall it was just such a fun day, but I am so beat today. I met lots of new peeps and saw a lot of old peeps and that is always so worthwhile. Thanks to all you who stopped by to say hello and show me some Indie Fixx love. You are all the greatest!

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