Treat yourself to a little luxury

Bella Luccè is a completely decadent line of bath and body products made from the most exotic ingredients the natural world has to offer. I absolutely adore Bella Luccè products and I have been a customer for a couple of years now. My recent indulgences are the Georgia Peach body wash and lotion and the Peruvian Chocolate body wash. I am not normally a body wash kind of gal, I usually stick with bar soap, but I am completely sold on the Bella Luccè body wash now. The body wash left my skin silky smooth and so amazingly soft, like no bar of soap or other body wash ever has. Plus the other body washes I’ve tried, just do not agree with my baby sensitive skin. The Bella Luccè products are made with high quality natural ingredients and do not contain the harmful chemicals found in many store bought bath and body products, which can cause reactions in those with sensitive skin. In addition to not containing yucky chemicals, Bella Luccè products are luxurious and luscious. I always imagine that I am getting a little taste of the treatment rich folks get at those high-end spas, but at prices I can afford and I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own spa (my bathroom).

Since summer is upon us, we are all showing a little more skin and exposing that skin to the sun, so it is really important to remember to take care of your skin. Treat yourself or your friends and family to a little luxury with Bella Luccè. Be sure to sign up to be a VIP
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