More bags for Jen!

I love a nice big bag. I usually have trouble fitting everything I need in a little bag, especially since I usually carry around a book or magazine wherever I go, b/c I hate to wait and that’s a good way to get your reading done and pass the time. I always want to look stylish though and this Marshmallow Dots bag by Buttertart looks practical and stylish at the same time. It’s large at 12″x14″ and I love the tabbed bangle closure. If something that big isn’t quite your thing or you want something even bigger, there are other really cute styles. I like Teal & Chocolate, Chocolate Fondue Electric Tangerine and Cherry Pie as well.


  1. Wow, someone must have just bought it, b/c I’m pretty sure it wasn’t sold out when I looked earlier today. See if the designer could make anyone for ya.

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