Indie Fixx Summer Shopping & Gift Guide and a Contest!

Come surf the Indie Fixx Summer Shopping & Gift Guide…the water’s fine. The Guide is filled with all the coolest, I mean hottest indie shops and products. You will find summer bling, hot accessories, stuff for cool kids, goods for your very own sandcastle, products to pamper your skin, cards and journals to help you keep in touch and occupied on the beach, and more. Whether you are shopping for yourself or need some gift ideas, the Guide has what you are looking for. Be sure to check it out and all the very cool participating shops.

Plus, there’s a surprise contest! One lucky winner will win a pair of earrings from My Sunset Road that came in the last Sampler I received. To enter, tell me your favorite item that you found in Indie Fixx Summer Shopping & Gift Guide and comment below. I will pick one lucky random commenter to win the prize. The contest ends noon on June 19th (this was extendedย  since I’ve had some issues with my site being up and down today). Make sure to include your email when leaving your comment or else I won’t be able to contact you.

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39 thoughts on “Indie Fixx Summer Shopping & Gift Guide and a Contest!

  1. My favorite find would actually be the necklace that your husband bought you for your birthday. I recently came home from a stunning trip to the Adriatic coast of Italy. The kind of water/sea that I couldn’t really capture on film. It pained me to leave. I’ve been scouting around for jewelery aimlessly today, when I saw this post and necklace. It REFLECTS like the water, and makes me think instantly of the trip. “perfetto”

  2. Keep your comments coming. I’ve extended the contest until June 19th at noon to be fair since my site had had some issues today.

  3. Wow. Look at the wonderful things of wood at — I never would have found that rocking horse any other way. Or the Time Out rocking chair! I love that personalized kid’s stool you have on this site, too.

  4. oooh. my favorite is definitely the Becca’s Beads necklace. It is sooo pretty! I might have to buy it.

  5. As a Grecophile and jewelry lover, I gotta say I love the Athena earrings by Coquito designs. You can wear them with gold or silver jewelry!
    And happy birthday, Jen!

  6. It was really insane for you to ask me to pick a favorite. There are so many awesome pieces shown. But if I have tgo name one, I absolutely love the Rose Necklace by IMOOI in green. It’s beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it! Oh, and Happy Birthday!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. One of everything!!
    If I really have to pick a favourite, though, it’d have to be the Hint Clutch from UrbanKnit – I’m crazy for batik, and the colours are just super!

  8. I love the mano cup from circa ceramics, so much I have to go back to etsy and heart it.

    ps sorry about your kitty and happy birthday!

  9. My favorite is the Boyfriend Bifold Wallet….because they are so CUTE!
    Great fabric choices and functionality, that’s a nice combo….

  10. Amy Peter’s Studios has a bracelet that is not only beautiful but meaningful. My dearest friend of 36 years has lost a father and a brother to suicide. When she struggles with her own inner demons, I want her to see this bracelet that I’ll get for her. It reads “Because Life Is So Very Precious”. It will remind her that she is never alone and always loved.

  11. Gosh, toss-up between the Harrilu Thistle tee and the ceramic bowls. I guess the tee, since it would look great with a summer skirt that I own.

  12. Being a girly-girl, my vote goes to Summer Ellis with the Rosalyn necklace from the Bridal Collection. It’s so romantic. And they’re offering a 40% discount so it’s very affordable!

  13. I’d love the ceramic bowls on the garden table. Dips, olives and berries all summer long!

  14. I love every bowl from Circa Ceramics. I’ve featured their bowls a couple times in the treasury already! I’d love to own every single one of them!!! (only dreaming for now…..)

  15. I absolutely adore IMOOI’s Rose Necklace! All of their other stuff’s pretty amazing too. The bifold wallet came second ^^

  16. Truth be told, it was really really hard to choose! So many wonderful items and so much variety – made my head spin, in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚ Still, my pick has to be Moxi. “Girl meets bag” – ‘nuf said.

  17. I’ve spent about a half-hour exploring Summer Ellis’ site. GORGEOUS stuff, so casual and elegant at the same time!

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