Homeward Bound

Those of you who live in San Francisco, New York, Boston or Chicago won’t understand, but those of you who live in Small Town, USA or even in the middle of nowhere will completely understand how excited I was to discover Bloom. I live Delaware, which although close to Philly, DC and New York, usually lags about a decade behind in fashion, trends and shopping opportunities. Delaware is not generally thought of as a cool place to live…but it’s getting better and Bloom is part of that change. Bloom is an eclectic boutique located on Main St. in Newark, Delaware, which carries the most delicious collection of quirky, fun, gorgeous and charming goods. Most of the wares are from independent designers and everything is U.S. made. It’s just the kind of place I’m happy to spend the morning browsing and shopping in. In fact, I had such a wonderful morning browsing that I discovered over 30 different designers and artists that I will be highlighting in upcoming weeks.

The first indie shop I’d like to highlight is Sailor Jerry Ltd. Inspired by the life and tattoo art of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, Sailor Jerry Ltd. sells men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, children’s clothing, home goods and more that are designed and made in Philadelphia. Sailor Jerry, who is considered to be the godfather of tattoo art, and his work are the inspiration for the latest renaissance of retro tattoos motifs that can be found on all types of products. If you are looking for the real thing, head on over to Sailor Jerry Ltd., where you will find original Sailor Jerry designs as well as those from up and coming stars. I’ve included a few of my favorites.