They are art stars!

Oh man the Art Star Craft Bazaar was awesome! There were so many amazing shops there that I will be able to post about for weeks to come. My only criticism was that there didn’t seem to be enough jewelry or at least for me. I know that sounds weird, but I truly never get tired of looking at and buying jewelry. I did make some purchases that I am very please with, although I was uncharacteristically restrained. I bought a felt hair clip from The Candy Thief, who also sells her wares at Modishoppe. I also bought a kittens! button from Family Dinner for One. They create the funniest t-shirts, so make sure to check them out. I was looking to buy some earrings and I found some that I liked by designer Kat Muscianesi . Kat incorporates paper, metal-worked letters and found objects in her designs and they are very cool. My final purchase of the day was a grey and teal slouchy bag from Jenna Cary. Made from canvas, the design is inspired from a wallpaper motif and it’s just the perfect casual bag for summer. My sister-in-law bought some Mean cards from Julianna Holowka and some prints from Push Me Pull You Design, both of which I’m thinking I should have picked up as well!

I met so many people at Art Star that I’ve known online for years and met a few people I’ve blogged about before, which was just so cool. I don’t know if I have more fun going to indie craft shows as a vendor or as a visitor, but all I know it that if there is a show near were I live, I’m gonna be there.

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