Indie Quilts

This post is for Kelly who is looking for indie quilts for adults. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post together, but it really was hard to find indie quilters. The quilts pictured above are by Crystal J, Tilonia, Hambone and Jennicakes and Silana Stichworks. Also, check out Bookish Handmade Goods, A Quilted Treasure, Orange Peel Baby and Amy L. Wasserman. If anyone knows of any other indie quilters, please comment here.


  1. Hey, I make various quilts which I think are pretty cool.
    They aren’t regular patchwork quilts but rather just plain calico ones with fun patchwork animals along the top. Feel free to email if interested.

  2. Though I’ve never put it in those terms, I totally consider myself an indie quilter! Thanks for giving me the words to put to the idea!

    <3 erin

  3. Hello. I’m redoing my bedroom, and would really like to do a funky indie theme. I like bright colors, blues, and silk. I really like the top left quilt displayed, but not in those colors. Any ideas?

  4. Hi! I remember reading about an art student who now uses quilting as her medium to make dark and strange cartoonish / big-eyed girl paintings in fabric…it was in some magazine that I no longer have, and hope someone here might know about her..She’s an art school graduate, and now makes these wonderful textile art pieces. Thanks!

  5. I’m an indie quilter! I love the bold, graphic style of Amish quilts but I also like the richness and texture of antique quilts. I marry the two styles in my quilts and I just got picked up by Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC. I also have a few designs in a new how-to book coming out from Lark Books next month – it’s called Simple Contemporary Quilts.

  6. It’s great to see other quilters out there turning traditions on their proverbial ears! I’ve shown my quilts at Milwaukee Art vs. Craft and a few are in private collections. Mine usually have a political or pop-culture satirical commentary. Check them out on etsy or on myspace.

  7. Jen! Thank you so much for including my quilt in your post about indie quilters! I was shocked + flattered when I saw the post. Great to see what else is out there too! Who knew we were so few and far between.

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