Indie Fixx Shop!

Indie Fixx is looking for a few good artists/designers/crafters who interested in being a part of an Indie Fixx Shop.

Nothing is official yet, but remember back when I did that reader survey? An overwhelming majority of you said that you would love to shop at an Indie Fixx Shop and I got to thinking that I would love to have an Indie Fixx shop and offer products by some of the amazing people you see featured on this blog.

If you are a designer/artist/crafter and would be interested in offering your products in the some-time-in-the-future Indie Fixx Shop, send me a holla. This is a fact-finding mission, so I don’t have any details yet. I just want to see what kind of peeps are interested and will be adding your name to a mailing list for future updates.

Please pass along the info if you have some designer friends!