One, two, three hearts…

Love the Japanese flavor of these Three Heart Cards from A Planet 4 Creation. They are made from Japanese Yuzen or Chiyogami paper and embellished with gold cross-stitching. Very simple, yet supremely elegant—just perfect for your secret Valentine!

A Planet 4 Creation is having a 60% off sale on selected items (sorry not the cards) until January 31st. Plus, get free shipping on orders over $20 with code “Free Ship”, offer expires Jan 31st as well.

Stay tuned because Lilie of A Planet 4 Creation donated 3 of the Three Heart Cards for the upcoming Indie Fixx Valentine’s Looking for Love contest, which is set to start next week! But since there will be only one winner, make sure to pick up a couple from A Planet 4 Creation on the off chance that you aren’t the winner! 😉