Holiday Squid

Your intrepid Indie Fixx reporter was on location yesterday at the Squidfire Holiday Art Mart in Baltimore, MD and the show was amazing! Squidfire is a really cool shop in Baltimore that creates and sells their own line of original artwork t-shirts, clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, etc., so I figured that they would put on a fantastic show and I was not disappointed. There were so many talented indie designers, artists, and tons of happy shoppers. Kudos to the Squidfire guys for an amazing job picking talented vendors, yours truly included ;), and for doing such a wonderful job promoting the event. Keep on rockin’, guys!

I also met some really great Indie Fixx readers, which was just so super exciting! Danielle even posted about meeting me on her blog. BTW, I am wearing my india*romeo scarf in the picture. I also picked up some very cool stuff, including a Bangle Bag from Bake Sale Designs. I will post more about some of my finds in the upcoming weeks. There were so many great designers that I will be featuring individually.

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