Shop Local Day

Today is Shop Local Day. Make a difference in your community and support owned locally businesses for all your shopping needs not only today, but also throughout the whole year as well. Why should you shop local? Because local businesses use far more of the goods and services provided by other local businesses, so the effect of your purchases are magnified. When you spend your money at big-box stores your money is sent to corporate headquarters, wherever that may be. Independently owned small businesses have more character, offer a variety of products, and can cater to more niche markets. Big-box store want homogenous shoppers–not shoppers who have individual needs and interests. Don’t be forced into a mold by big corporations–be an individual and shop locally.

The efforts of Shop Local Day are part of America Unchained, a national campaign of the American Independent Business Alliance. AMIBA is a national non-profit organization that helps communities launch and perpetuate Independent Business Alliances–local coalitions uniting independent businesses, community organizations, and citizens to help prevent chain businesses from driving out locally-owned independent businesses.

Today, I plan going to my local Main St. and spending some dollars locally. First, I am going to get a cup of coffee at my local non-chain coffee shop. Then I am going to buy a magazine at the family-owned magazine store, stop into the independently owned gaming store to look for some holiday gifts and finally I plan on buying some used cds at the local record shop. My Main St. is so cool and I try to support all the independently owned businesses there as often as I can.