Goodbye, Crewel World

Crewel is a type of free-form embroidery using wool thread and a stiff fabric most usually cotton or linen that is characterized by thicker raised stitches, which gives the work more of a 3-dimensional feel. I think crewelwork was really popular in the 70’s and sort of fell out of popularity along with macramé, but it’s making a come back and I’m glad. If you are interested in getting started with crewel, try these Crewel Embroidery Kits by Wool & Hoop. The kits contain wool thread, printed linen, thread card, color & stitch diagram, two needles, detailed instructions and finishing ideas, and blank greeting card with matching envelope. You might want to also pick up a hoop, since one is not included in the kit. You’ll find lots of really creative crewel ideas on the Wool & Hoop site, so once you’ve mastered the technique there’ll be no stopping you.