From the Tie Lab…

I received this tip the other day and I just had to share. Does your guy need to wear ties to work or maybe he likes to wear ties? Or maybe you are a guy who needs to or likes to wear ties. Whatever the case may be, I know you don’t want to see anymore tired, staid, lackluster ties and you won’t see any over at Cyberoptix. Each necktie is hand-silkscreened onto a quality, 100% charmeuse silk or poly-blend base with designs such as Poppies, Raven, Skull, Bombs Away, Bats, Heart Attack, and many more cool motifs from which to choose. Get one for your boyfriend, your husband or even your dad and get the whole office talking about his cool new tie.


  1. I have purchased two ties from Cyberoptix. One of them came in and the other she forgot to include but it’s on it’s way!! The one that’s here looks GREAT! I hope my brother likes it for yule!

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