Walk a Mile

They say it takes a crooked man to walk a crooked mile, but I think it takes a pretty okay woman to make Crooked Mile Candles and Ginny Ritenour of Crooked Mile Candle Company is one okay woman. I ordered about 30 of the soy votives to give out as little gifties for the holidays and after burning one, I just had to keep a bunch for myself because I loved them so much. Long burning and highly fragranced, Crooked Mile Candles are handmade from an all-natural wax blend of soybean oil, cottonseed oil and beeswax. The soy votives come wrapped in plastic with a bit of raffia at the top, and are ready to hand out as gifts. They are available in great scents too—white tea and ginger, blackberry sage, cinnamon sticks, sunwashed cotton, apple harvest, caramel pecan crumble, and spiced cranberry among others. They will make perfect gifts for co-workers, your kid’s teachers, neighbors and all those people you like to include on your gift-giving list, but on whom you don’t want to spend a small fortune.