I Can’t Sleep…

I have this thing—I don’t like to sleep on patterned sheets—I can “feel” the designs even in the dark and I can’t fall asleep. I know it’s weird, but I like plain sheets—they are just so much more relaxing to me. I do like plain, but not boring bedding, so when I saw these sheet sets from Unfed, I flipped. They are made from 400-thread count Egyptian cotton, which is my favorite, with original embroidered designs on the pillowcases. The designs are really cool—I like the Loretta, Doris, Walking Man and Sleep designs. Unfed also offers clothing, home décor items, and computer and gadget cases. Created by Jason Laan and Maureen Kennedy, Unfed’s designs are a collection of classic products with urban appeal.


  1. OMG! I thought I was such a freak! I too can “feel” the patterns and can not sleep on patterned sheets. Dark colors either.

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