Hey, Hey MY MY!

This is a cute alert for the shop, MY MY. Taryn Hipp, the mastermind behind the cute, runs the shop– she also writes the super cool blog, Handmade and Totally Awesome. So, head on over to MY MY and take a look, just watch out for all the falling cute!

This is the second time Coffee Drinker has been featured in one week (check out Slap on the Cuffs). I love this Tree Pouch in the red and brown

You must get an I Buy DIY shirt from Lady Luck Rules OK.

The Craft Girl Cards by Heyday Fashion are another must have for anyone into DIY.

Now for all of us sewing challenged—there is a kit for us–the A-line Skirt Kit by Susanstars. The kit even includes fabric. I just might have to take up sewing!