Slap On the Cuffs

I’m going to be attending some concerts this month and I am looking for some really cool rock-roll wrist cuffs to wear. I found so many, now I don’t know which one to get. Please, help me decide. Leave a comment with your choice or if you are too shy, send me an email.

I love all the cuffs at Cuff Luv, but I think I like the ivory Julie cuff the best. It’s just damn pretty.

The XXX wrist cuff from Miss at Cut + Paste is a little bit more rock-n-roll.

Available at Plain Mabel and made by Coffee Drinker are these absolutely adorable retro vinyl Cassette Wrist Cuffs. Takes me back to the day…

Love these hand screened vinyl cuffs By Fluffy Co and available at Copacetique. I like both the Silver Trees and the Turntable cuffs.

I absolutely covet the Kimono wrist cuffs by Anaromero Design. Adjustable fabric cuff in vibrant fabrics with grosgrain ribbon. Not very rock-n-roll, but they are gorgeous!


  1. I vote for the “Julie” cuff by Cuff Love. I love the mixing of textures & styles, so wearing victorian lace with a trashed black T (or whatever else you choose) is perfect. Why only yesterday, I sported a cute french-ish A-line skirt with 4″ stilettos adorned with grommets (ha!)…

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  3. yay – fluffy co! I have several of her wristbands & there’s hardly a day that goes by that one isn’t on my wrist! I can hardly wear any other bracelets now. That said I’m smitten for the Cassette cuffs you’ve listed. Thanks!

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